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By signing this consent form, you consent to Alchemy Salon using and publishing your name, photographs and videos in any of its publications and materials (including written or multimedia materials) for distribution within Alchemy Salon’s socials and any other external organisations for educational or promotional purposes. 


* When giving your permissions you should be aware that any information published on the internet is accessible to millions of users from all over the world, that it will be indexed by search engines and that it may be copied and used by any web user. This means that once the photographs/videos are published on the internet we will have no control over its subsequent use and disclosure. *


I also reserve the right to withdraw my permission and agree to do so in emailing Alchemy's Social Media Manager Gracey: (Email: ).


 You may at any point remove your consent for Alchemy Salon to continue to utilise your image/videos,  for advertising by emailing 

When consent is removed any online reference to you including social media will be removed within 48 hrs.

I consent to Alchemy Salon publishing my name, photographs and videos for distribution within Alchemy Salon’s Socials.

For the promotion of Alchemy Salon, we ask the content creator to publish a minimum of 3 posts on their platform/s as part of the campaign: 

“Content Creator will be receiving a complimentary cut & colour hair transformation at Alchemy Salon along with customised take-home haircare pack in exchange for content to help promote Alchemy Salon.”

a) Alchemy Salon & the content creator have agreed that they will publish 3 or more posts on their Platforms as follows: Tiktok &/or Instagram

b) Examples of the minimum 3 posts the content creator can post include content such as: Tiktok/reels documenting their experience at Alchemy, fun / interactive transition videos, content showing/promoting their stylist, Instagram story post/s etc. All content must tag Alchemy & the stylist. 


c) Posts must be approved by Alchemy Salon before going live.


d) Once posts have been approved, they must be published by the content creator within 48 hours from the approval time. 


e) Posts must stay up for the following time period: 2 weeks


f) The content creator must not edit the post/s after it has been approved, except with Alchemy Salon’s prior consent.


g) Alchemy Salon has the right to moderate the post after it has been approved and may direct the content creator to amend the post at any time


h) Alchemy Salon has the right to direct the content creator to remove the post/s at any time.


i) After publishing a post, the content creator must not publish any other content which has an effect on the business (Alchemy Salon) or reduces the impact, reach or effectiveness of the post. If the content creator has any concerns they need to express after the content day they need to contact Alchemy directly & privately.


I consent to publishing photographs and videos for distribution within mine & Alchemy Salon’s Socials.

Thanks for submitting!

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